20,000 Honeybees, You are kidding!!!

This is what our customers say when we show them the colony that has infested their home.

We're Your Solution

We are your solution to the problems associated with honeybees. We professionally remove honeybees from homes, business and just about anywhere else honeybees infest.

Bee removal is a job best left to a bee removal expert. It is a hightly specialized job that requires experiences.

Don't Spray Them...

Spraying Honey Bees when they are infesting your home will cause a huge problem called "A Dead Out". Imagine the possibility of having 20,000 dead honeybees in your wall or ceiling along with the honey, larve and eggs and doing nothing about it after they die. This has to be removed or the bees will return.

Call us today and let us solve your problem. Don't put yourself or family in danger!

Bee Removal Service In North Carolina

Please choose the area from the list below in which you need bee removal services. You may call us directly by dialing 803-754-7577. We are here to help you with the problems associate with honey bee infestations. We are bee removal experts that have years of experince servicing the needs of bee removal customer in South Caroina, North Carolina and Georgia

The list below IS NOT a concise list of the areas we perform bee removals in. Please call us to discuss your exact city or town in North Carolina. We can almost always service your area.

North Carolina

Bee Removal Ashville
Bee Removal Charlotte
Bee Removal Concord
Bee Removal Gastonia
Bee Removal Greensboro
Bee Removal Huntersville